How to make a good digital market study ?


A digital market study is the analysis of the behavior of the online market actors for a given sector. This permits to companies to define their digital marketing strategy.


The steps to follow to succeed in your digital market study


Firstly, you must analyze the consumption habits of the internauts, by taking into consideration both your current clients and your potential clients.

Make sure to analyze their needs, their wishes and especially their habits regarding Internet. For instance, identify the hours when they connect, the time spent on the Internet, the type of support used, and do it for each segment of clients.

Thereafter, you have to make a competitive analysis. Are your competitors present on the web ? How are they faring ? Which marketing strategies do they chose ?

Identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to find a good positioning strategy and to differentiate yourself.

Finally, look for all the sources of positive communication for your company. Online influencers, potential and current partners, every little bit helps. The e-commerce is a an environment where competition is hard and the internauts can quickly be influenced, making themselves a mistaken sense of your company. Any publicity will be a plus for the definition of your image and your reputation.

Why is it necessary to make a digital market study ?


By making studies on the behavior of the internauts, you can adapt you digital marketing strategy. In other words, you will know how to positionate your products/services, at which price, with which packaging, etc…

This is all the more important that the first impression is the one which stays in mind. Before initiating in the e-commerce, you must have a roadmap, you must know where you want to go and in what you are getting yourself into.


Furthermore, the direct and online selling need two different approaches, this is why master the workings of the e-commerce is essential. Some tools like the benchmarking or a SWOT analysis permit to define clearly a course of action.

To define you digital marketing strategy, you can also use a “marketplace map”, that is a scheme bringing together the actors of the market and the relationships between each of us.


But the most important is to be ahead of the market and its competitors. You must identify the future opportunities and the trend coming on the market. The digital sector is currently booming, so don’t hesitate to innovate and to initiate new concepts, new digital platforms.

For instance, it is known that smartphones now represent the first medium of online purchase. If you want to develop your activity, head to the development of a mobile app because they represent the future of the e-commerce.


As you will have realized, a digital market study is essential to initiate the e-commerce. Keep in mind that innovation must remain the heart of your concerns.

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